New Mobile Games of March 2018

Hey guys! Been busy lately and was not able to post any update about mobile games. That said, I will be posting all the new games that caught my interest which are released since my last post with links to apkpure and playstore (if they are available in English/Global). Take note that not all of this game will be available in your region, some of them are recently released and are not yet available on some countries. They are listed in no particular order.


  • [KR]Black Desert Mobile (APKPure) – MMORPG. You need a KakaoTalk Account to play this game. Only available in Korean, will have a Global Version soon.


  • [JP]Final Fantasy Explorer Force (APKPure) – MMORPG. Only available in Japanese.


  • [JP]Dolls Order (APKPure) – Action/Arena/RPG. Only available in Japanese.


  • [JP]Toji no Miko (APKPure) – Turn Based RPG. Only available in Japanese.


  • [EN]Sword Art Online: Integral Factor (Playstore/APKPure) – Action MMORPG. This is the Global Version.


  • [EN]Grand Summoner (Playstore/APKPure) – Pixel Art RPG. Game is Global Version but might not be available yet on some countries. There are no IP Blocks so you can play still if you have the APK installed.


  • [EN]Solidus (Playstore/APKPure) – RPG. This is the English Version of the game.




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