[EN]Aura Kingdom Mobile – Global Launch!


Hi guys! There isn’t much interesting game this past few days/weeks. I am only posting games that I think are interesting or at least have something which other games don’t have, that’s why I am quiet but wait no more because Aura Kingdom Mobile is now available for Download in both iOS and Android. Aura Kingdom Mobile is an MMORPG based on the popular PC MMORPG published by Aeria Games which has the same Title. Players can equip different kinds of weapons such as swords, staffs, pistols, cannons and many more to create your own combat style. With Eidolon by your side, you will have your Aura Kingdom Adventure.

If you are interested on this game, check the official PV Here:


[EN]Sdorica -Sunset- Global Launch!


Sdorica -sunset- is a strategic turn-based puzzle RPG developed by Rayark, the same company who is behind Cytus, Deemo and Implosion. Players need to put into consideration which team to use and the tactics needed to win. There are more than 30 characters available, each with their own unique skill sets. These characters are also divided into 3 classes. The Defense Class, Attack Class and Support Class and each off them will represent the puzzle orbs Gold, Black and White which you can use to activate their skills. The game is available for Android and iOS.

I’ve been playing the game for a couple of months already and I can say that the gameplay is certainly unique. The art, music and story are also superb. If you like puzzle, rpg or tactic or simply looking for a game with a good story. I highly recommend this one. Since they just been released, they are also giving away tons of give away and I’ll say now is a good time to start.

If you are interested, you can check the official PV Here:

[JP]God Eater: Resonant Ops


God Eater: Resonant Ops is now available for download in Japan. The game is a sequel of God Eater: Rage Burst. The new game will also be a Turn-based RPG, completly different from how GE Games are. A lot of people are disapointed but there are those who like it. Like any God Eater game, you can choose to be a male or female main character.

If you are interested on this game, you can check the official trailer here:

New Mobile Games of March 2018

Hey guys! Been busy lately and was not able to post any update about mobile games. That said, I will be posting all the new games that caught my interest which are released since my last post with links to apkpure and playstore (if they are available in English/Global). Take note that not all of this game will be available in your region, some of them are recently released and are not yet available on some countries. They are listed in no particular order.


  • [KR]Black Desert Mobile (APKPure) – MMORPG. You need a KakaoTalk Account to play this game. Only available in Korean, will have a Global Version soon.


  • [JP]Final Fantasy Explorer Force (APKPure) – MMORPG. Only available in Japanese.


  • [JP]Dolls Order (APKPure) – Action/Arena/RPG. Only available in Japanese.


  • [JP]Toji no Miko (APKPure) – Turn Based RPG. Only available in Japanese.


  • [EN]Sword Art Online: Integral Factor (Playstore/APKPure) – Action MMORPG. This is the Global Version.


  • [EN]Grand Summoner (Playstore/APKPure) – Pixel Art RPG. Game is Global Version but might not be available yet on some countries. There are no IP Blocks so you can play still if you have the APK installed.


  • [EN]Solidus (Playstore/APKPure) – RPG. This is the English Version of the game.



[JP]Brave Frontier II – Game Launch!


Alim’s latest mobile RPG Brave Frontier II is now available for download in Japan! The game is a sequel of the original Brave Frontier set 20 years after the orginal game. It is only available in Japanese and there are no announcement for English Version yet.

The gameplay is similar to the original Brave Frontier. Tap to attack, swipe up to unleash Brave Burst(BB) and slide to the right for Super Brave Burst(SBB). In addition to the old feature, via your own character (not the summoned ones) you can swipe to the left to summon your pet who will attack your enemies or provide you with helpful buffs. The game also removed the gem gacha, instead you will buy the characters that you want with gems. Gacha that uses friend points however are still available and the enhancment and evolve system is still the same.

If you are interested, you can check the official PV here:

[EN]Law of Creation – Game Launch!


The English Version of the Game “Abyss Tribe” is now available in Playstore and Appstore. The english title of the game is called “Law of Creation”.

Law of Creation is a Mobile RPG presented in a comic style/manga visual. The game is designed like a comic/manga book where you can play to read the story, change your character’s costume and manage your team composition. There are 13 chapters available and they will add more in the future.

If interested, you can check the English Trailer Here:

[EN]Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia – Game Launch!


disopmini.jpgAn English Version of Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia is now available for download! Dissidia FF Opera Omnia is a turn based RPG with the Dissidia damage calculation system, meaning you will charging up BRV and use your charge up BRV to deal HP damage. Although graphic is somewhat chibi like, it is still decent. To summarize this game is like Mobius Final Fantasy Map traveling where you go from one point to another and Final Fantasy Exvius where you have characters from different Final Fantasy titles with classic FF turn based Battle System and Dissidia’s damage calculation. All characters is can be acquired just by progressing through the stories while Gems are used for Weapon Gacha.

If interested, you can check the official trailer here: