The Flash is BACK!~

Yes!, our favorite Tuesday Hero is back and literally he is BACK in the series in just 1 episode, that’s right — remember that time I’ve tried to predict when he’ll be back, yep scratch that sh*t because he is BACK in right as the 4th Season start!



In the last episode Entered the speed force to atone for his sins for creating the Flash-Point and also to save the city from being destroyed by the unstable multiverse, With Barry in the speed force, Iris, Kid Flash, Joe, and Vibe must protect Central City; a powerful armored villain threatens to level the city if the Flash doesn’t appear; Cisco decides to break Barry out of the speed force. The timeline moved forward six months, so Barry’s absence was truly felt by those who love him. The show’s not the same without Barry, as he’s the glue that keeps everyone together. Even when he was in the Speed Force, they continued to protect the city in honor of Barry and seemed to take their failures as dishonoring him. It wasn’t a surprise that Cisco would have been working on a way to bring Barry back; it would have been out of character for him to not look for a solution.


Though Iris’ disbelief was initially unexpected, it made sense after we got a better feel for her emotional state. She locked away her heart and guarded herself from her feelings for Barry and any possibility of his return. He was gone and that belief allowed her to move forward and “keep running,” as he asked of her. Barry’s return in a confused state worked well. There was a consequence to his time in the Speed Force, and I hope that even though he appears cured that some side effects remain and/or his gibberish provides useful information down the line. While several aspects of Barry’s return felt convenient and a bit contrived, overall it worked more than it didn’t. Samurai wanted to face-off against the Flash, but why? Even with the final reveal, the importance of the Flash’s return isn’t clear and won’t likely be for many more episodes.


New Food Fight Game for your Mobile – Chef Wars


Who does not like to eat? Who don’t want delicious food? NO ONE! Introducing Chef Wars, developed and published by Mindcake Games. The first food discovery RPG for mobile. Recruit chefs, source ingredients, and invent hundreds of recipes from around the world. Then use those recipes to win themed kitchen battles! Become the most famous chef and stop the evil Baron von Pork from world domination! Chef Wars is Free to Play with optional in-app purchase. The game looks like Iron Chef / Shokugeki no Soma inspired but maybe that’s just me. If you are interested, you can download the game on the Playstore / Appstore.

You can also check the official game launch trailer here:

New SAO Mobile Game! “Sword Art Online: Integral Factor”


Few days ago at TGS, Bandai Namco revealed a new mobile SAO Game: “Sword Art Online: Integral Factor”. The game will feature the original voice actor and actress of the anime series. SAO Integral Factor is an online mobile RPG where players work together with other players to conquer each floor in Aincrad. They are currently recruiting players for its close beta test. There are no further information about the game, including the release date so we will keep an eye out for those information.

You can check the Official PV Here:

“The Alchemist Code” for Mobile! Coming Soon!


Few days ago, Gumi (The Publisher of Brave Frontier Global) revealed a first look of its upcoming mobile strategy role playing game (SRPG) titled “The Alchemist Code”. The game is developed by Fuji and Gumi and will be globally published by Gumi. The Alchemist Code is the English Version of its Japanese Title “For Whom the Alchemist Exist”.

The Alchemist Code is a SRPG, featuring tile-based tactical gameplay. It will have animated 3D Battles, anime-styled characters, good music and amazing voice acting. It is one of the most popular tactics game in Japan and which is highly anticipated for its english release. There is no specific date on its official release yet.

You can watch the PV Here:

English Version of “DanMachi: Familia Myth” is will be available on 2018!


Only 2 months since the Japanese Release. Dungeon ni deai wo motomeru no wa machigatteiru no darou ka or also known as DanMachi is getting an English Version sooner than expected. I post a news about this game 2 months ago when the Japanese Version was released (You can check it here). The English Version of this game is will be developed, run, and managed by GREE, Inc. while being supported by Sumitomo Corporation for localisation. The game is will be available on the first quarter of 2018.

Here are some screenshots from the Japanese Version:

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Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition


Few days ago, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. It is a lighter version of Final Fantasy XV available for iOS, Android and Windows 10 that provide the same story line from the original game. The game will have a chibi-like design characters with casual touch controls optimized for mobile devices. The main story of the game will have more than 10 chapters which will be released at launch. This is a very good news to all FFXV fans however only the first episode of the game is FREE. They haven’t announced yet if you will need to buy the chapters separately or you just need to buy once to acquire all. The game is scheduled to be release for the Fall of 2017.

You can check the PV which was previewed during Gamescon here:

Tekken for Mobile Devices Coming Soon!


Tekken is getting a mobile version which will be release worldwide. Needless to say, it will be available with different languages. This version of Tekken, players will need to collect characters and skill cards. Namco Banda said that this version of Tekken will have a story mode, where the goal is to defeat the mysterious boss called Revenant. There will also be a Dojo Mode where player can fight other players in real time. Pre-registration is also now available despite of no release date announced. You can go to the official website by pressing the image above or by clicking this.

If you are interested, you can check the trailer here: