Japanese Mobile MMORPG – Alchemia Story – Game Launch!


Alchemia Story is a MMORPG published by Asobimo. The game will have some of the old-school JRPG features to cater both new and old generation gamers. Each players will have their own personal AI assistant which will be called as “YOME” which litteraly means “Wife” in Japanese. The game wll also have a Navigation Guide, solo mode and an auto battle.

If you are interested, you can check the official PV here:


Japanese Mobile MMORPG “Caravan Stories” – Now available for Download!


Caravan Stories is an MMORPG available for Mobile. This game will also have PC version but no announcement has been made yet for its release. In the game, players are able to select one out of the six available races (Humans, Orc, Dwarf, Elf, Geshi, and Lizardman) and there are also multiple jobs for each race. The game will include day-night cycle, beasts and character breeding and multi player features like PVE and PVP.

The gameplay allows you to walk in the field and upon making contact with the enemy will transfer you to a battle field, kinda similar to other JRPGs like the Tales Series. I haven’t played the beta but from what I know, upon reaching certain point you can join other player battles (not sure about this, I might be wrong). The battle system is can be describe as RTS, you can tap on the ground to move, tap the enemy for your character to attack that target, drag and drop skill for character to use their respective skills (depending on what kind of skill the character have). Even if you don’t understand Japanese, you will not have a problem playing this game as quests have the “auto” button which will walk your character automatically to the quest objectives.

This is one of the highly anticipated Mobile MMORPG in Japan. If you are interested on playing this game, you might also want to check the offical PV here:

Overhit! Now available for Mobile!



Overhit is Nexon’s newest RPG for Mobile which is now available for Download.┬áThe gameplay of Overhit is focused on character collection, building your own team combination and the flashy skill execution. Game is developed by Nat Games, same developer of Nexon’s mobile action RPG “Hit”. It is also running in Unreal Engine so it really has an amazing graphics.

The game’s gameplay is auto attack RPG where players will only decide when to use the character’s specific skills by tapping on the skill buttons. The game is kinda similar to Seven Knights, only this one is on 3D. The game is currently only available in Korean Language/Korea Mobile Store. There are no IP Blocks so you can download the APK from a 3rd Party Website and install the games into your phone if you are eager to play it.

You can watch the Official PV Here (No Gameplay on Video):

SEGA upcoming Mobile Game – Pashamon!


SEGA announced their upcoming mobile game titled “Pashamon”. It is a mobile RPG that turns real life objects into monsters. The game is focused on 3 major feature.

The first one is photography. Players will have to take picture of different objects in real life. The game will then analyze the picture identifying them and turn them into monsters where each of those monsters will have their own different stats.

The second feature is Breeding. Monsters acquired from photography needs to be bred to make them stronger making them capable for battles. You can also acquire different monsters by mating, consuming 2 monster fusing them into a new one.

The third major feature is Battle. The monsters acquired and bred is can be used for online multiplayer battles. A Single Player Mode is also available which makes battle a bit more flexible for people.

There is no exact date of release yet but it will be out this year. It will only be available in Japan but people kind find ways on how to play it once it is out.

You can also check the offical PV here:

Honkai Impact 3rd – Now available in English!


Honkai Impact 3rd is now available in English Version for Mobile! The game is published by Mihoyo Limited and was first release in Chinese followed by the Korean Version. It gain popularity and was later on updated with Japanese Voice. I know, its kinda weird playing a Chinese Game with Japanese Voice but it surprisingly fit very well. Now, an English Version is released and the Language Barrier keeping people from not playing it will be stop.

For those who didn’t know, Honkai Impact 3rd is an action RPG following the stories of the valkyries fighting against the Hokais. The gameplay is smooth and the graphics is amazing. The only negative part of this game is its file size and long initial loading time but if you don’t mind those then this game is perfect for you.

You can download the Android version here. I’m not sure if the game is also available in iOS (I tried to search but cannot find anything iOS related about the English Version of this game). You can also check the official English Trailer here:

Battle of Blades – Beta is now available!


Square Enix’s CBT of their new mobile RPG “Battle of Blades” is now available. The CBT is available from October 27 to November 5 of 2017. The game is scheduled to have its official release for this year so it will not be long before an OBT or official release date is announce once the beta test ended. Please be informed that all data/information on the current CBT will not be carried over on the official release and there are only 2,000 available slots for Beta Testing so we might need to wait for the official release before we can play. Game can be played on Android and iOS Devices.

Battle of Blades is popularly know as a huge crossover between multiple series (Nier:Automata, Romancing SaGa, Ka-ri-Sei Million Arthur and The Mana Series). In the game, weapons from these titles are obtainable. There are over 180 obtainable Heroes. During the time of the game’s announcement, they introduced 3 game modes (Story Mode, 4v4 PVP and 4-Player Co-op). The main focus of the game is the multiplayer gameplay so Story Mode might be a bit of a lackluster.

You can check the official Trailer of the Game Here:

Game of Thrones: Conquest for Mobile!


Warner Bros Games has released their launch trailer for a Mobile MMO Strategy Game: “Game of Thrones: Conquest”. The game is based on the award-winning HBO series, it there references from the show. If you ask me, it is another CoC Game with a different theme but there are people who like this one and who knows, there might be something unique about it. If you are a fan of the GoT Series then why not give it a try?

You can check the Official Launch Trailer here: