Mask Rider / Kamen Rider for Mobile! Coming Soon!


Bandai Namco has released a new PV revealing a new mobile game. The title of the game is “Kamen Rider City Wars” aka “Masked Rider City Wars”. The pre-registration of the game has gone live but they haven’t announced any release date yet. Aside from the announcement, there are no specific information yet about the game.

You can watch the official PV here:

DanMachi: Familia Myth RPG for Mobile Devices now Available!


Dungeon ni deai wo motomeru no wa machigatteiru no darou ka or also known as DanMachi is getting a lot of game adaptation but the newest one which I also think will make you interested is the game developed by Wright Flyer Studios. Yes, the same team who developed “Another Eden” which is currently very popular right now due to its gameplay.

This DanMachi game will have the same gameplay and art style as Another Eden which is very interesting to see. You will be exploring the dungeon, towns and have a heavily story driven game. Unlike Another Eden, DanMachi is Instance based. Well, what do you expect? The story revolves in one town and one dungeon so I guess that is to be expected. I so want to have an English version to understand the story of this game but it will not stop me from playing it. It is now available in Japan and there is no IP Block like Another Eden, meaning you can download the APK from your favorite 3rd Party APK Download Site/Apps (That is if it is available). If you are interested on playing this game, check my guide on How to install Japanese Game on you Android Devices.