Thor: Ragnarok Info

After the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, and four years after the events of Thor: The Dark World, Thor, held captive on the planet Sakaar without his hammer(Mjolnir), must win a gladiatorial duel against an old friend Hulk in order to return to Asgard in time to stop the villainous Hela and the impending Ragnarök, the doom of the Asgardian civilization.

Thor: Ragnarok is an upcoming superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Thor, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is intended to be the sequel to 2011’s Thor and 2013’s Thor: The Dark World and the seventeenth film installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The film is directed by Taika Waititi with a screenplay by Eric Pearson.


A third Thor film was confirmed in January 2014, with the title and involvement of Hemsworth and Hiddleston announced that October. Waititi joined the film as director the next October, after Alan Taylor chose not to return from the second film, and Ruffalo joined the cast, crossing over the character Hulk from other MCU films. With the Hulk’s inclusion, elements from the 2006 comic storyline “Planet Hulk” were adapted for Ragnarok. The rest of the cast was confirmed the next May, with Pearson revealed to be involved with the film at the start of filming in July 2016. Thor: Ragnarok is scheduled to be released on November 3, 2017.


New MMORPGs for Mobile!!

Hi Guys! There are 2 new MMORPGs which are available for Mobile! Both looks great and fun to play. However, none of them have English Version. If that will not stop you from playing it then here are the new MMORPG that you can download right now:


Our first game is called “Lost Tale”. Lost Tale is an MMORPG developed by a Chinese Game Company. There were a lot of issues going on with this game. As you can see, it is very similar to Tree of Savior (a PC MMORPG). A Korean Game Company named “NextMove” bought the game and was requested to change the game sprites to avoid copyright issues. The game is now available for download and if you ask me, animation is very smooth and gameplay is fun. You can download the game via QooApp (It is a 3rd Party Application where you can download non-English Game for Mobile).


Our next game is something a lot of people is very familiar with. Ragnarok OnlineMobile, is also an MMORPG for Mobile Device. RO was remade into much smoother animation and high detailed sprites. With the same music, same enemy and character design used for this game, it will bring a Nostalgia Armageddon into your Mobile Device. Downloading the game is a little bit tricky, I created a Tutorial on how to download it.


If you miss Ragnarok and want to play it. I believe this game is a go. It is using the same icon so if you still the old Ragnarok days, you will not have any problem on playing this game even if it is not on English.

How to download Ragnarok Online Mobile


Ragnarok Online Mobile is now available for Download. There is no English version available for it though. Also you will need to use a 3rd party app to download the game but if that will not stop you from playing it. You will also need to have a WeChat or QQ Account. Here are the steps on how to download it:

These steps are only for Android (No idea if same step works for iOS)

  1. Go to this website
  2. Tap the button on the left with the Android Icon, the one on the right is for iOS
  3. Tap the blue button on the right to download the Taptap APK
  4. Install the Taptap Application to your Mobile Device
  5. Run Taptap Application
  6. RO Mobile should be on the top, if not search “RO” and it should appear. Tap RO Mobile to go to the Application Page.
  7. Tap the Download button (You can’t miss it because it is written in English)
  8. It will take few mins for it to start downloading (be patient)
  9. Once it starts downloading, obviously you will need for it to finish
  10. Once download is complete, run RO
  11. After you tap the screen on “Tap Screen to Play” it will ask you for a login info
  12. Tap WeChat if you have a WeChat installed on your mobile device or QQ if you have a QQ account.
  13. Enjoy!