Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition


Few days ago, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. It is a lighter version of Final Fantasy XV available for iOS, Android and Windows 10 that provide the same story line from the original game. The game will have a chibi-like design characters with casual touch controls optimized for mobile devices. The main story of the game will have more than 10 chapters which will be released at launch. This is a very good news to all FFXV fans however only the first episode of the game is FREE. They haven’t announced yet if you will need to buy the chapters separately or you just need to buy once to acquire all. The game is scheduled to be release for the Fall of 2017.

You can check the PV which was previewed during Gamescon here:


Venus Rumble – Mobile “Harem” RPG! Coming Soon!


Square Enix has partnered up with Blue Print to announce a new mobile RPG “Venus Rumble”. The game is about a world where both goddesses and humans reside. Five goddesses are tasked with the job to protect the Red Moon from Kegare. The main character of the story is a normal guy who stumbles across their army and defeated a Kegare by luck. He was also able to help lift the Kegare’s curse and heal the goddesses by touching them and thus the goddesses invited him to save the world together.

The game is centered on breeding the goddesses. Players will be able to interact with the goddesses and increase the intimacy parameter. They also proudly announced that players will be able to date sexy goddesses and even spend the night with them once you have enough intimacy level. There are no info about the battle system but I bet this game will focus on dating simulation with their amazing Live2D Models.

You can check the official trailer here:

Dia Horizon – New Square Enix Mobile Game RPG!


Square Enix confirmed the release date of their latest mobile RPG, “Dia Horizon”. It will be release on August 24th. There are not much info about the game yet other than few screenshots available online but it seems player can play with each other and join guilds like any other mobile RPG games. Registration for the game is currently on-going. A TV Anime Series of the same title is also coming in October this year.

You can check the Official Trailer here:

Square Enix: Project Tokyo Dolls coming on June 22


Square Enix is releasing a mobile RPG on June 22 centered around a rising idol group in Tokyo called “DOLLS”. They are in fact the country’s special force for eliminating Pygmalion, an extraterrestrial organisms hidden in the city. Those who are influenced by these creatures get deprived of their emotions and memories. The nine DOLLS are the only ones who are resistant to such influences and has the ability to fight them.

The game is an RPG with turn based and tap timing combo for their battle system. It is really interesting to see and the animation and graphics looks great. An idol group with bad ass girls beating the aliens left and right, what more can you ask for? I might test the game out on its release so stay tuned for more info about the game.

You can check their website here, that is if you understand Japanese.

You can check the game’s trailer here:


SinoAlice now available for Mobile!


Square Enix finally release their latest RPG for Mobile Devices. There are no English Version and is currently only available in Japanese. The game was developed with the help of Nier:Automata’s Producer, Yoko Taro. The game is set in a world called Library, a place where fairy tales keep repeating themselves and the protagonists are imprisoned. These character’s goal is to revive the authors of the stories they belong to.